Memory Palace

Memory Palace The memory palace is an interesting technique used to remember simple to complex list of items efficiently and easily. The idea behind this technique is to make a imaginary connection or links between the objects that you want to remember. If it's numbers that you want to remember, then convert/map that numbers in to some visual objects. Then create a story around those objects in imaginary palace. Next time when you want to remember those objects in the same order, you can just take a simple walk through the memory palace. You can easily remember the the objects in the same order easily by doing a just walk. This works.

This works because our visual memory is more powerful than verbal memory. So, next time when you go grocery shopping, just create a story of potatoes and onions instead of feeding in your phone. At the first the time, it may take some time. But when you practice it, you will master it.

Ref : How to memorize fast and easily